Microsoft’s Windows 10 update options explained

By admin

Microsoft’s naming changes for Windows 10 updates can be a little confusing.  Here’s a little guide to describe the latest terminology and a mapping between the old and new terms. As you will likely already know, Microsoft has shifted from a new release of Windows every few years to a ‘windows as a service’ model. …

Search through previous powershell commands with grep

By admin

It can be really difficult trying to remember that command you used a few weeks ago in Powershell.  Here’s an easy way to search through your previous commands to find the right one and jog your memory. First, run

Then you can cat the output to look for the command

Or just open…

Confused about deprecated O365 commands?

By admin

I was getting pretty confused with the various options around powershell commands to use with Exchange online.  For example, to add a user to a distribution group in O365, I had come across 4 different commands:

So after some digging I realised that the *-AzureRM* are powershell cmdlets to modify general Azure resources using…

Powershell script for creating an O365 cloud mailbox within a hybrid exchange environment

By admin

I recently wrote this script that creates an O365 mailbox within a hybrid exchange environment, creating all the necessary attributes etc in exchange and AD Log all output to a local logfile, that is unique each time and won’t get overwritten

Clear output from the screen to prevent previous command being sent as first…