Making SCVMM Server Highly Available post install

By Tom Kitching

If you added a the SCVMM server role to a VM on an existing Hyper-V cluster, then you will have been given the option to make the SCVMM server highly available as one of the options during the install. However, if you created the Hyper-V cluster after the initial install of the SCVMM server role,…

Is your business ready for the ‘new normal’?

By Tom Kitching

A recent Gartner report interviewed 229 HR leaders across a range of organisations and found that half of those that responded had more than 80% of their workforce currently working remotely. They noted that over 40% of workers are likely to continue to work remotely on a regular basis post-pandemic. Most organisations have traditionally supported…

Converting between XML systemtime and number of hours or days with Powershell

By Tom Kitching

I recently used an XML query in Powershell that looked like this:

The query was used to filter events from the event log that occurred within the last 24 hours.  However I needed to change this 7 days.  The unit of time is milliseconds but I wanted to make sure I had it exactly…