Find number of cores on each processor for Microsoft Server 2016 Licensing

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To calculate the cost of licensing for Server 2016, it’s necessary to know how many cores each CPU of your server is running.  This WMI query is useful in identifying that. 

How to install and configure Hyper-V Host (core) for remote administration

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It’s possible to configure a Hyper-V host running core to be fully managed remotely.  I have read various suggestions on the web saying it’s better and more secure to leave the Hyper-V host in a workgroup, but the effort required when doing that just doesn’t make it worth it in my opinion.And we actually want…

Configure IPv4 IP Address, DNS servers and DNS Suffix from within Powershell

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I recently used this on a Hyper-V build.  It should provide enough network connectivity to add your server to the Active Directory domain. Find connected NICs and interface names

Configure IP address

Configure DNS Servers

Configure the suffix search list