Powershell script to find scheduled tasks on all servers or computers in the domain.

By Tom Kitching

First off lets get all the set up variables out of the way. A lot of these are the same variables I use in every script and I just copy them in each time so you may not want to use them all.

I like to use Write-Output to add the actions to the…

Error 21201 SMBIOS GUID after installing SCVMM 2016 Update Release 6

By Tom Kitching

I recently updated my SCVMM server to Update Release 6.  However once updated, I was getting error 21201  “Another machine with the same SMBIOS GUID is found. Recommended Action An SMBIOS GUID should uniquely identify the machine. Provide the correct value or contact the machine manufacturer to help update the hardware with correct information” as…

Powershell Script to Create Random Complex Passwords suitable for O365

By Tom Kitching

This script enables you to generate a set of random complex passwords for a list of users which is imported as a CSV file.  The password will contain upper and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers and will always be between 8-16 characters in length (meeting the O365 requirements).  Obviously the functions can be tweaked to make…