A recent Gartner report interviewed 229 HR leaders across a range of organisations and found that half of those that responded had more than 80% of their workforce currently working remotely. They noted that over 40% of workers are likely to continue to work remotely on a regular basis post-pandemic.

Most organisations have traditionally supported a certain number of remote workers, but many are woefully under-prepared for the post COVID-19 world which will in many cases require a majority of home workers. Traditional solutions such as VPN, remote desktop or VDI are useful in managing this new trend but many organisations have failed to even consider the long term impacts of having devices that follow the traditional central management methodology out in the field for prolonged periods.

Furthermore, many IT teams have responded to the new challenges with a knee-jerk reaction to make sensitive business information available externally, with little to no consideration of the dangers this can represent in increasing the potential attack surface for malware or hackers.

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