Migrate O365 mailboxes using Hard Matching with ImmutableID

By Tom Kitching

I have been working on a mail migration within an environment that has a Hybrid Exchange configuration with a single 365 tenant but which synchronises Active Directory from multiple forests. As part of the migration there is a need to migrate on-prem user accounts from a legacy forest into a new forest, but the accounts…

O365 – reverting hard matching migration using ImmutableID

By Tom Kitching

This is a very obscure problem, so I’m recording this more for my own reference in future rather than expecting anyone else to have the same issue! The issue occurs when a migration from a hybrid exchange domain to another domain which uses AD Sync has been completed in the following manner: filter/delete user in…

Adding Users to O365 Distribution List

By admin

A script I recently used to add members to an office 365 distribution group using a remote exchange session in a hybrid setup (covered at the end). 

CSV file contains UPNs of all users to be added. I also found it useful to see who had permissions to send to this group using