Powershell script to find scheduled tasks on all servers or computers in the domain.

By Tom Kitching

First off lets get all the set up variables out of the way. A lot of these are the same variables I use in every script and I just copy them in each time so you may not want to use them all.

I like to use Write-Output to add the actions to the…

Very Simple Powershell Ping test or IP scanner script

By Tom Kitching

This simple Powershell script will carry out a quick check against each IP in a 24 bit subnet and return a value of true or false dependent on whether or not it receives a reply.  It’s similar to using an IP scanner or a ping script.

It’s simple and does the job as it…

O365 – reverting hard matching migration using ImmutableID

By Tom Kitching

This is a very obscure problem, so I’m recording this more for my own reference in future rather than expecting anyone else to have the same issue! The issue occurs when a migration from a hybrid exchange domain to another domain which uses AD Sync has been completed in the following manner: filter/delete user in…